Data Driven Differentiation in the Standards-Based Classroom

By: Gayle H. Gregory and Lin Kuzmich, 2004

A step-by-step guide to designing differentiated instruction to help all students grow and succeed!
Data driven instruction, standards-based teaching, diagnostic teaching, high-stakes assessments . . . they’re not just buzz words. The research shows that these realities for today’s schools in fact offer teachers powerful tools for planning differentiated instruction. This timely and comprehensive guide to collecting, analyzing, and using data to design curriculum, instruction, and assessment offers educators the step-by-step strategies and planning tools they need to help all students learn what they must know and be able to do.
Chapter by chapter, Data Driven Differentiation in the Standards-Based Classroom covers everything you need to know, including:

  • Using data to create a positive classroom climate
  • Using data to differentiate instruction for student learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • Using data for pre-assessment, formative assessment, and final assessment
  • Curriculum approaches for data driven instruction
  • Adjustable assignments for differentiated learning
  • Instructional strategies that increase student learning
  • Data driven lesson planning for differentiated learning

Four sample units cover K-12 lesson planning in the basic content areas and are used to demonstrate each and every aspect of the process. The authors also provide a generous collection of templates, grids, rubrics, organizers, and planners to make this book an essential resource for every teacher, curriculum designer, and instructional leader who wants to design differentiated instruction with student success in mind.