Differentiated Instructional Strategies

One Size Doesn't Fit All Second Edition

By: Gayle Gregory and Carolyn Chapman, 2008

Find the strength and uniqueness in every child!
With more than 75 planners, templates, choice boards, rubrics, and graphic organizers, and a brand new chapter on lesson planning and adjustable assignments, this expanded and updated bestseller is sure to be the number one teaching tool for your differentiated classroom.
Differentiated instruction enables teachers to plan strategically so they can meet the needs of each and every student in today's highly diverse classroom. and now the best practices and techniques for differentiated instruction have been brought together in a single volume by two of the field's most respected proponents.
Differentiated Instructional Strategies presents the practical techniques and processes that teachers can use to adjust learning based on individual students' knowledge, skills, experience, preferences, and needs. The most recent and best practices in pedagogy--the ones that make a real and positive difference in student achievement--are explored in-depth, including:

Creating a climate for learning

Knowing the learner

Assessing the learner

Adjusting, compacting, and grouping

Instructional strategies for student success

A variety of curriculum approaches, including Centers, Projects, Problem-Based Learning, Inquiry Models, and Contracts are all featured, complete with explanations and examples. A planning model is included as well, to help teachers make the right decisions about instruction and assessment on an individual basis.

Differentiated Instructional Strategies is an important resource for any teacher, new or experienced, who wants to help every student in the classroom learn and succeed.