Differentiated Instructional Strategies for the Block Schedule

 Block scheduling offers a valuable opportunity to tailor differentiated teaching and learning styles to students. Extended time also opens the door for exploring concepts, independent study, group work, and collaboration. This handy reference will alleviate "idea block" and provide creative teaching strategies.

Gayle H. Gregory and Lynne E. Herndon provide in-depth coverage of best practices in Differentiated Instructional Strategies for the Block Schedule along with a full range of visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning opportunities. Highlights include:

  • Strategies to help all learners succeed
  • Information on learning styles, multiple intelligences, data-driven and standards-based lesson planning, teaching methods, and curriculum alignment
  • More than 100 planning tools, matrixes, rubrics, templates, graphic organizers, and choice boards

Teachers will find a wealth of practical tips and proven research-based teaching strategies that maximize learning during the block.