Designing Brain Compatible Learning

Third Edition by Gayle H. Gregory and Terence Parry

"There's a strong possibility that this will become one of the most used books on the educator's bookshelf, and that's all to the good because ultimately it will be the students (and their brains) who benefit." -From the Foreword by Pat Wolfe "Teachers want ideas that make them better teachers. This is a welcome addition to books available in this field." -William Fitzhugh, Teacher, Reisterstown Elementary School, MD Combine the best of what we know about how the brain learns with the best of what we know about teaching! This revised, updated edition of Designing Brain Compatible Learning synthesizes the latest brain research into a powerful set of teaching tools and strategies for integrating thinking skills, cooperative learning, graphic organizers, and authentic assessment into any classroom. The new edition features:
• Step-by-step strategies for teaching concepts, skills, and content to all age groups and learning styles
• A newly expanded section on standards-based lesson design and lesson planning
• Charts, diagrams, and other visual tools to reinforce learning
• A collection of new planning templates and graphic organizers
• An extended glossary and updated bibliography
This comprehensive guide for teachers and instructional leaders provides in-depth coverage of instructional planning at its best.

Each chapter contains a reflection page that uses the metacognitive strategies outlined in the book. And, even more information is provided on standards and assessment tools to monitor student achievement and growth. The most thorough guide to brain-compatible learning is better than ever!