Teacher Teams That Get Results

61 Strategies for Sustaining and Renewing Professional Learning Communities

By: Gayle H. Gregory and Lin Kuzmich, 2008

A comprehensive set of tools for achieving lasting results and sustaining a professional learning community!
Sustaining results-oriented team efforts is hard work, and achieving diversified solutions to complex issues over time requires commitment and creativity. To support the momentum of learning communities, Teacher Teams That Get Results: 61 Strategies for Sustaining and Renewing Professional Learning Communities provides an illustrated collection of ready-to-use tools and examples of plans in action for results-oriented faculty and staff.
Focusing on the where, what, why, how, and when to use each of the 61 strategies, best-selling authors Gayle H. Gregory and Lin Kuzmich offer the tools your team needs to succeed. You will learn to:

  1. Create and sustain a growth-oriented climate that encourages feedback and builds trust
  2. Share knowledge and skills to expand and optimize results
  3. Build resilience, develop creative solutions, and manage change
  4. Determine priorities and create excellence when goal setting, tying data to practice, and analyzing results

An indispensable guide for teachers, teacher leaders, and school administrators, this handbook is ideal for school and district staff serving as meeting and workshop leaders and facilitators.